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What a Girl Wants

What does a girl really want?  Sure, a shopping spree would be nice.  In many parts of the world some clean water, a warm meal, and a safe home is wanted desperately.  Let’s go inside a girl…beneath the material wants and the basic human needs.  What does a girl want for her self, her heart and soul?

Across all socio-economic borders and ethnicities girls want to know that they matter.  Every girl wants to know that it is okay to be exactly who she is:  serious and silly, strong and tender, capable and still learning.  She is emotional.  She is reserved.  She is outgoing and she is shy.  What a girl wants is to have her voice count.  She wants to be accepted, as a girl and as a human being.

What a girl really wants is for you to look closer and listen more deeply.  She wants to be known. Even the quiet girl who hangs in the background is longing to be seen.  Even the rowdy cheerleader is aching to be heard.  What a girl wants is to know that her inner voice has value.  It does.