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SUMMER CAMP 2020, August 3rd-8th


Imagine coming together with girls and young women from around the world who, like you, CARE about the world but don’t really know what they can do to help change things. Imagine working together to discover what you have within each of you that can make a real impact. Imagine meeting inspiring women working in the field of global development, climate change, diplomacy, and racial justice, filmmaking and so much more… Imagine rolling your sleeves up and doing the work! Imagine that your voice and your actions matter– come to thinkpeace workshop summer camp and learn how.

Our theme this year is WHAT MATTERS. These are difficult days and it seems like everything matters and that it’s just too much. We want you to know that YOU MATTER. We’re here to build a community with you of young women who feel like you do: they want to make things better but sometimes feel overwhelmed and incapable, especially in trying times. Together, we’ll forge a path to make an impact on issues that matter to you. Our days will be spent diving deep into inssues as a group and in our signature break out one-on-one sessions. We’ll develop action plans and support each other’s work as, together, we move forward, creating peace. We’ll travel the world virtually, discussing issues facing youth globally and discovering some culinary delights from various regions around the globe. Through art, journalism, song, dance, and dialogue, we will change the world!

With our hands, hearts, and minds we will lift each other up while realizing that we each have gifts to share.  Are you a writer, an actor, an activist, an artist, a scientist, a dancer, a girl with the heart and willingness to share with others? Join us as we take on WHAT MATTERS.



Camp fees:

Our 2020 camp will be held online over various platforms. The fee is $199, which covers a box full of materials we’ll send you! You’ll have everything you need to create art and journals just like we do at in-person camp, along with some other surprises!

We are offering 2 scholarships to camp for girls who need financial assistance. Please inquire about the application process by emailing Kelly at


Questions? Contact Kelly at

thinkpeace workshop virtual summer camp is offered by

The Youthbridge Initiative, a US 501(c)3 non-profit organization