a day at thinkpeace summer camp, virtual-style

Just what is thinkpeace workshop for girls?

It’s a place for girls to feel free to explore themselves, their ideas, opinions, and visions.  It’s a place for them to discover their voices and learn how to use them effectively to create the world they wish to see.  It’s a place to learn about girls worldwide– to celebrate the differences and the commonalities.  At thinkpeace workshop for girls we believe that peace begins with a GIRL!

What will you do at thinkpeace camp, virtual-style?

We pack a lot into each day at camp when we’re in person and we hope to do the same virtually! Here’s a sample schedule to give you an idea:

8:00am                    rise and shine! breakfast ideas, morning hellos, pre-recorded yoga

9:00-11:30am      setting the intention for the day; cultivating self-awareness through art  journaling. some sessions will be pre-recorded

1:30-4:00pm        The Global Girl: specialty workshops on issues facing girls/youth in              developing countries/discussion; live sessions with guest speakers

6:00-7:30pm        dinner prep and dinner: international cuisine created by YOU!

8:00-10:00pm      film viewing; music, singing and dancing

10:00pm                 live nightly closing circle

You’ll become soul sisters with other incredible girls.  You will sing and dance and act totally goofy, creating tik-tok videos and discovering new ways to make friends with girls from all over.  You will taste new things, try new ways of communicating, and express yourself in ways you never imagined.

We’ll set you up with some really creative art projects to help you discover new things about yourselves. We talk about our focus theme of the day: gender violence, trafficking, equal rights, education, or health and the issues girls around the world face in creating a free, healthy, and safe life.  We follow these discussions with different workshops which focus on things from self-image to conflict resolution, leadership and art activism.

You’ll discover that your voice is heard and valued! You’ll receive notes (we call these IALACS: I Am Lovable And Capable) from your thinkpeace sisters, validating you for sharing yourself with all of us. Together we will reach a deeper understanding of our selves and feel connected to the larger world around us.   We’ll paint story boards, create friendship banners, and dive into the wornderful world of art journaling.  By the end of the week each of you will feel connected to a girl across the universe– you’ll see that under all the differences, all girls want the same things:  to feel safe, valued, counted, and heard. You all make up The Colors of the World and together are a beautiful rainbow. Imagine!

We have some special events in store for you this summer as we take this unprecedented journey together into virtual summer camp. We’ll explore it together in a very unique (and safe) way. You will meet amazing women who are doing incredible work in the world. They will inspire you in ways you can’t imagine. There is a common thread among them: mindfulness, self-expression, and service.  Each of our guests will be working with you to help you develop your great girl voice into one that is powerful and persuasive.

If you have an open mind, a curiosity for the world around you, a compassionate heart and a voice ready to be heard, this is the camp for you!