40 bags in 40 days challenge: project fund a girl


A fundraising opportunity that costs you nothing and gives you so much!


How can you help send a girl from a developing country or a low income family to thinkpeace workshop summer camp?  This will cost you NOTHING and give you a cleaner, clutter-free living space!

40 bags Fund a Girl

Join thinkpeace girls TODAY in the #40bagsin40days challenge. Brought to our attention by one of our favorite powergirls, Mamatoga, we are excited to announce a fundraiser that will completely change your life. Are you ready to declutter and simplify your life? Ready to get rid of emotional clutter? Grab a bag!


It’s a forty day period in the spring where you focus on cleaning one area per day. In this one area you challenge yourself to declutter, simplify, decrapify, and get rid of things you don’t need.  Let’s start today.

Just start with one room. Get it totally clutter-free. I don’t know about you but I seem to collect notebooks and journals and pads of sticky notes. I don’t need them all! Into the bag they go. How about all those unopened gifts your kids have received over the year: science projects that always sound like too big a mess, or strange jewelry they’ll never wear? Into the bag! From kids rooms to basements, we all have TONS of stuff that someone else might really enjoy or need… but we do not. Into the bag! We challenge you to fill a bag a day (more or less is fine, too!). Spend 40 days purging your living space off all the things that really don’t serve a purpose in your life anymore. (oh my, I just visualized my kitchen drawers!)

Don’t focus on the bags. Focus on getting all of the unnecessary stuff out in one spot per day. Don’t go nuts and tackle five spots because you want to prove something! Don’t get all bummed out because you missed a day (or ten). Just focus on one. spot. per. day.

You might have 40 bags, you might have 12, and you might have 73 1/2 bags, 4 boxes, 2 dumpsters, and an eggplant colored toilet (like me!). It’s all good!

NOW HERE’S THE BEST PART!! Well, the best part is living clutter-free, BUT THE NEXT BEST PART IS: FUND A GIRL!

Grab your best stuff and bring it to our GIANT thinkpeace FUND A GIRL garage sale! If you live in the greater upstate New York area, just let me know and we’ll figure out how to get your stuff! Otherwise, set a date and have your own sale and donate the proceeds to our scholarship fund (tax-deductible). Whatever we don’t sell, we’ll donate to the appropriate local charities, and offer on Freecycle (most communities have a freecycle program in place, just google it!).


is scheduled for May 27th and 28th!


If you’re posting a picture, please use the hashtag #40bagsin40days. @thinkpeacegirls will be posting daily. We’re here to support you, motivate you, and give you lots of warm fuzzies! Our thinkpeace NY girls will run the sale and report back to you! They’re pretty excited. They know better than anyone that thinkpeace camp offers girls the opportunity to connect with the global girl community, learn what a girl can do to heal the world, and that each and every one of them (and YOU) is truly lovable and capable. Together we can offer all that to a couple of girls less fortunate (see this week’s blog) who are just aching for the chance to fly! Help us help them– while cleaning out your space.


Let’s have a global garage sale! thinkpeace girls from India to Berlin to London to Canada to New York to Indiana to Colorado to California are with you. We want everyone to join us. We want you to ask your friends and family’s to join us. We are in this together. We join other clutterers around the world who want your home to be a place where you are surrounded with only the things and people you love. None of that paper clutter, none of the craft supplies to remind us of ideas never carried out, nor clothes telling you what size you used to be.