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The Youth Uplift Challenge

Currently we are working on our eighth challenge with our friends at Students Rebuild, one of our all time favorite organizations that does hands on work to benefit youth around the world.

We are making a hand and lending a hand for youth living below the poverty line. Due to circumstances of poverty, millions of young people are forced to leave their education behind to find ways to provide for their basic needs and to help their families survive.

Students Rebuild and Save the Children believe that “While these misfortunes are significant, all young people, in spite of their circumstances, possess assets, skills, and gifts that can improve their lives. Investments in financial literacy, job and entrepreneurship training, and youth-led groups and networks can help overcome the setbacks of poverty.”

For every hand you make and send in, the Bezos Family Foundation will donate $1.90—up to $500,000—to Save the Children’s programs empowering youth in Nicaragua and Indonesia to rise into a life they dream for themselves.

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Join us and help youth in Nicaragua and Indonesia to come out of poverty and pursue their dreams- contact us for more information on joining our team, attending one of our team parties or hosting one yourself!

Previous challenges:

The Paper Cranes for Japan Challenge: thinkpeace girls created 4000 cranes to help rebuild in the Tohoku region of Japan following the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

The One Million Bones Challenge: thinkpeace girls created 6000 paper and clay bones as part of a visual petition displayed on the National Mall in Washington, DC in June 2013 against ongoing genocides.

The Water Challenge: thinkpeace girls created about 8000 paper beads to help build water projects that serve more than 16,000 Tanzanians.

The Typhoon Haiyan Challenge: thinkpeace teams submitted hundreds of letters of hope and healing to youth impacted by the powerful typhoon that struck the Philippines in November 2013.

The Literacy Challenge: thinkpeace teams around the world created 12,000 bookmarks to help fund Save the Children’s Literacy Boost program in Mali, Peru, and Nepal, promoting life-long reading and learning!

The Flowers for Nepal Challenge: thinkpeace girls created hundreds of paper flower garlands following the April 2015 Nepal earthquake. The funds raised provided children with temporary schools, back-to-school kits and other support.

The Healing Classrooms Challenge:  thinkpeace girls and friends contributed over 10,000 pinwheels  for the  Students Rebuild Healing Classrooms Challenge, in partnership with Global Nomads Group and The International Rescue Committee, to help Syrian refugee children recover from crisis. please visit



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