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SUMMER CAMP 2018, July 7th – 15th

Imagine coming together with 20 girls from around the world who, like you, CARE about the world but don’t really know what they can do to help change things. Imagine working together to discover what you have within each of you that can make a real impact. Imagine meeting inspiring women working in the field of global development, climate change, education, diplomacy, health care, social justice, filmmaking and so much more… Imagine rolling your sleeves up and doing the work! Imagine that your voice and your actions matter– come to thinkpeace workshop summer camp and learn how.

Our theme this year is WHAT DO YOU STAND FOR?¬†Together, we’ll dig deep into what you care about most passionately, what you’re willing to take a stand for, and develop actions you can take to impact change. Together we’ll discover how we can help girls in Afghanistan and Syria, Jordan, Uganda, Tanzania, and more locally as well. With our hands, hearts, and minds we will lift others up while realizing that we each have gifts to share. Camp is limited to 20 girls, age 13-18. We’ll be “camping” at the HI-NYC Hostel– an amazing international hostel on the Upper West Side of Manhattan–walking distance to Central Park (where we’ll hold some outdoor workshops) and to the subway that will take us all around the city to visit the world all within a week!¬† Are you a writer, an actor, an activist, an artist, a scientist, a dancer, a girl with the heart and willingness to share with others? Join us.



Camp fees:

If you’re within ground transportation range: $975*

If you’re traveling by airplane: $800*

Fees include lodging, meals, transportation during camp, all materials and supplies

We are offering 2 scholarships to camp for girls who need financial assistance. Please inquire about the application process by emailing Kelly at

Please note that transportation costs to and from camp are NOT included. In addition, if you require other transportation during camp other than the subway/bus that is also not included.


to register for NYC camp 2018, please complete this form:


Questions? Contact Kelly at

thinkpeace workshop summer camp is offered by

The Youthbridge Initiative, a US 501(c)3 non-profit organization