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 Meet the thinkpeace team:

Director and co-founder: Kelly Himsl Arthur

Originally from Boulder, Colorado, Kelly has spent her life involved in peace campaigns and activities promoting girls’ empowerment.  Complementing her education at Pitzer College (Political Psychology) in Claremont, California, she has studied at the University of Strasbourg, France and the Sorbonne.  Her travels have taken her on educational journeys throughout Europe and Russia. Along the way she developed a strong belief in youth activism as a vital element of social change.

Kelly has spent the past 10 years working with young girls, connecting self-esteem to community involvement, and global activism.  ThinkPeace Workshop for Girls provides her with the opportunity to use her education and interests to help teenage girls develop into culturally aware and globally sensitive, active participants in a world in need of peaceful solutions.

Kelly continues her professional development as an educator and facilitator through workshops and trainings by Rachel Simmons and the Girls Leadership Institute, Jane Goodall and the Roots&Shoots program, conferences on White Privilege and coursework through Wesleyan University on “How to Change the World.” She is currently on the Board of The Giving Circle, a non-profit organization which celebrates community and the concept of one person, one community reaching out to another in a cycle of giving. Like thinkpeace workshop, The Giving Circle believes that each of us makes a difference in people’s lives through our interconnectedness, interdependence, and the expanded power and possibility created by love, support, compassion, and cooperation. From thinkpeace summer camp to thinkpeace club meetings, Kelly brings this to life with our mission: “think it. create it. share it.” knowing that youth have the heart, creativity, and energy to create positive change.

Co- founder: Liz Overheul Curry

*For 2014 Liz is on sabbatical from thinkpeace workshop

Liz was raised in Central Illinois and studied Fine Art/Photography at Illinois State University.  She has spent her adult life dedicated to seeing the world as beautiful and teaching peace.  She incorporates her passion for the arts on a local level in community theatre productions with her children.

Her passion for world cultures, religions, and humanitarian causes has provided her with an education that reaches far beyond the academic! At ThinkPeace Workshop for girls, Liz shares her love of music, art, poetry and theatre. She directed ThinkPeace’s 2010 benefit play, Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes. At Camp 2013 she created thinkpeace’s first Beatnik Salon, where girls explored their responses and connection to being Emotional Creatures. Being greatly influenced by the 60s counterculture, Liz is particularly drawn to the words of John Lennon and his non-violent approach to peacebuilding.

Together Liz and Kelly bring a nurturing approach to the workshops, allowing girls to feel safe, important, valued and heard.  As mothers of girls AND boys they emphasize respect and appreciation of gender differences, knowing that if there truly is to be change in this world we must embrace each other as humans, with equal rights and shared goals.

Program MentorCynthia Hass
If Cynthia could tell the world anything, she would tell all the girls in the world that they are absolutely incredible for simply being themselves. For several years Cynthia has been a mentor to girls and  has extensive experience in women’s movements.  She is an intern for the Sundance Film Miss Representation (a film that portrays the need for women to take on leadership positions due to a misrepresentation of women in media and government) and a “Girl Up Hero” (The United Nations Foundation’s campaign to helps girls in developing countries). Growing up in sunny California, Cynthia’s personality reflects just that as she believes happiness conquers all.  Currently she is attending Boston University working towards her degree in International Business.  She has a ton of aspirations, but believes that the greatest inspiration is to live life in the present, therefore she does what she loves- this includes traveling, flying kites, eating, speaking, and saying hello to just about everyone she comes across. Cynthia loves meeting people and is looking forward to connecting thinkpeace girls with organizations and people who will help them on their global girl journeys!  Her motto:  if you need anything, reach out!  Here I am!

 Program Facilitator: Ira Ghosh

Ira was born and brought up in Persia, and has been living in Pune, India for a decade. Despite being exposed to diverse cultures, she likes to think she is not from a country but just belongs to the WORLD.  She has been an IB PYP teacher for 7 years. She is the PYP Early Years Coordinator & DP CAS Coordinator at Victorious Kidss Educares. With her passion for the Early Years education and heart-to-heart connection to teens, Ira loves to spend time with them as much as possible. She is a Kindness Ambassador of Life Vest Inside and also a facilitator of PowerSisterhood classes for the Diploma students. She holds BA, B.Ed, M.Ed., TEFL degrees and is presently completing her Masters in International Education from University of Bath, & Masters in Indian and Western Philosophy from University of Pune. Ira is a spiritual soul who believes with her whole being in the energy of the universe. She has been initiated to Kriya Yoga since the age of 15 and practices yoga and spirituality almost everyday. The moment she gets free time from her busy schedule she loves to just drop in orphanages and the nursing homes and spend time with the young and old–  that’s her way of enjoying life, “the more we love and give selflessly, the more we experience the very essence of happiness and bliss”. Photography, Adventure, Cycling, Meditation, Dance, Music, Art, colors, Reading Bug, Santoor, Khalil Gibran, Rumi, Smile, Kindness, Giving, Children, Foodie, and being on fire to learn everything & anything possible are just few words that would sum up all about her!

Program Intern: GARMIN

GARMIN (always spelled in all caps) is a lot of things. Some of them include artist, yoga teacher-in- training, runner, spontaneous dancer, expert in wearing not matching clothing, social justice warrior, coffee and bubbly water addict, nature girl, a recovering over-achiever, collector of dollar store sunglasses, lover of good hugs and hand written letters, and a sister to a fantastic brother.

GARMIN is in her fourth year at the Corcoran College of Art in Washington, DC where she is pursuing a joint BFA in Ceramic Sculpture and MAT (Masters of Art in Teaching). Her journey has brought her from small town upstate New York to Hong Kong to Washington DC. She most recently worked as the art director and program staff member at an all-girls summer camp in Alaska. As a graduate of Emma Willard, she believes and has experienced the innate transformative properties of girls. GARMIN lives in the world.

2 thoughts on “about us

  1. You are the team, family, faculty or call it, think tank that I have been missing in my dream of making a real lasting difference in the lives of the Ugandan, African and world girls! I am so excited to find you!

    As I go to my University “Kampala University” today, I will tell my classmates that I have found my sisters of peace and similar dream! When I go to the office after classes, I will tell my staff that, I have found a family!

    What a great day this is! Welcome to Africa! I love you all!

    1. Maggie! We’re so glad you found us! Together we can do so much– this is just the beginning. Also follow another group we are partnered with, The Giving Circle. We do some really good work in Uganda and I would love for you to meet up with some of these wonderful people there as well. I’ll be in touch via email soon! thinkpeace girls are THRILLED to have you as part of our global girl community– welcome!

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