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thinkpeace workshop is the creation of Director, Kelly Himsl Arthur.  A lifelong peace activist and advocate for social justice Kelly has spent the past 13 years working with young girls, connecting self-esteem to community involvement and global activism. She happily admits to using her own three teens as a practice ground for motivating youth, guiding them to journey into and out of themselves, sharing all they can with others. Kelly believes youth have the heart, creativity, and energy to create positive change and that once their passions ignite, they will carry it into adulthood where the possibilities are endless.  Kelly studied Political Psychology at Pitzer College and continues her professional development through courses on White Privilege, Girls Leadership, How to Change the World, Total Leadership, and Daring Greatly. Kelly serves on the Board of Directors of the The Giving Circle, Inc.

Each year she brings together a group of compassionate, involved, dynamic women to facilitate break out sessions with the girls on a wide variety of topics. One goal of thinkpeace workshop is to give girls the opportunity to learn about different organizations that are doing really important work around the world.  Each of the women who lead sessions have been where you are– trying to figure out a path to create the change they see the world needs.  They share their stories, their plans and will help guide you if you’re interested in becoming more involved in their field. They’ll respond to your ideas and questions and ask a lot of their own! In the weeks before camp we’ll post bios from the women who will be with us this summer. Get ready for some oohs, ahs, and wows! It’s going to be an incredible summer!  Imagine!

for more information, please contact us at thinkpeaceworkshop@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “about us

  1. You are the team, family, faculty or call it, think tank that I have been missing in my dream of making a real lasting difference in the lives of the Ugandan, African and world girls! I am so excited to find you!

    As I go to my University “Kampala University” today, I will tell my classmates that I have found my sisters of peace and similar dream! When I go to the office after classes, I will tell my staff that, I have found a family!

    What a great day this is! Welcome to Africa! I love you all!

    1. Maggie! We’re so glad you found us! Together we can do so much– this is just the beginning. Also follow another group we are partnered with, The Giving Circle. We do some really good work in Uganda and I would love for you to meet up with some of these wonderful people there as well. I’ll be in touch via email soon! thinkpeace girls are THRILLED to have you as part of our global girl community– welcome!

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